Gadgetell hands on: Powermat Wireless Charging for iPhone

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Powermat for iPhone wireless charging hands on from GadgetellThe kind folks at Powermat sent over their new Wireless Charging for iPhone for us to test out. At $69.99, it’s a very reasonably priced entry to get rid of wires and the hassle of connecting something to the iPhone. We have a full review coming but wanted to give a preview of what the unit is like in hand.

The first thing I noticed is the case for the iPhone. Since the iPhone has no battery door, a special case is used to allow wireless charging. The case has the pin connector built in and slides right over your iPhone, making a pretty good fit. The case adds a bit of weight vs. no case but it seems comparable in weight to most cases I have. What seems a bit odd, is the large rectangular protrusion on the backside that helps the case fit snugly into the nicely sized charging cradle.

The same fun sounds that are in Powermat’s more expensive (and versatile) products is heard with this unit, as is the same magnetic pull that guides the case in to the proper position. Unlike other Powermats, there is only one position the iPhone will charge. It’s not a big deal as it’s easy to drop the iPhone onto the pad with the help of the magnet but it’s worth noting.

Case fit seems fine and charging time seems about right. So far, it seems like $69.99 well spent.

A full review will be up this week.

Product page: [Powermat]

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  • Rod

    I really wat to see the powermat technology succeed but it needs to be part of devices like on the Palm Pre. Maybe even a Mophie juice pack with Powermat built-in. We did a review of powermat a while ago and the price just seemed too high for the value. At $69 that case would need a built in battery and then we are talking value.

    Maybe I am just cheap but $69 to avoid plugging in a cable is not a value, given the not so sexy case. If you chose to not use the case your paying $69 to put a case on to charge vs plugging in. This is why success will be building this technology into the units.

    Here is the review if you interested