iPhone tethering blessed by AT&T for iPhone 4

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AT&T tethering coming in iPhone 4.0 OS

Finally, after years of waiting, AT&T is ready for iPhone tethering. The company announced iPhone tethering would be available for purchase when Apple releases iPhone 4.0 OS “this summer”. The news actually comes as a welcome reflief as many of us started wondering if this day would ever come.

Smartphone customers – including iPhone customers – who choose the DataPro plan have the option to add tethering for an additional $20 per month. Tethering lets customers use their smartphones as a modem to provide a broadband connection for laptop computers, netbooks or other computing devices. Tethering for iPhones will be available when Apple releases iPhone OS 4 this summer.

So forget Verizon offerings like the Palm Pre Plus that offer free tethering, AT&T has taken the stance that data is going to cost you. For some users, this news is over due. For others, the news just saved them a bundle of money.

For example, if you are considering a new iPad, things just got interesting. Instead of shelling out the extra $120 for a 3G version, users that have an iPad and an iPhone (or other AT&T smartphone) can opt for the WiFi only version and tether the iPad via the iPhone connection. Currently, AT&T is not commenting on how many concurrent connections the iPhone will contact to.

Of course, tethering introduces a few potential issues. Battery life on the tethered iPhone tends to burn brightly and quickly. With AT&T’s news 2GB cap, users might bump their heads on a data ceiling or face the $10 for an extra 1GB.

Press release: [AT&T]

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  • JSutton

    Ok… I think everyone is over reacting to the AT&T data plan issue. Think about it – if we were talking about a iPhone 3, then yes I agree with you completely. But the iPhone 4G is going to have WiFi build in. So you can use Wifi to do a significant amount of your data transfers (emails, SMS, Video Chat, streaming movies, etc). No data transfer fees should be incurred when using WiFi because you are not using the AT&T network. With a good WiFi network, you can also achieve speeds much faster than 4G! TMobile has been running WiFi this way for years….

  • NoelDickover

    Paying additional costs for tethering is a racket, plain and simple. If the device has the capability to do this in the software, and the user is already paying for the connection, it makes no sense that the user should pay twice for the same connection. Over time, everyone will realize this for what it is – basic theft of customers by the cell phone companies.

  • BriAN

    Why would anyone ever want AT&T there are to many rules and regulations!!! 2gb limit ha LOL thats so funny! I get unlimited at SPrint!! I feel sorry for all those AT&T customers that are clueless.

    Sprints HTC EVO phone blows Iphone 4 out of the water, oh and the Iphony 4 is not 4G! AT&T does not even have 4G coverage, nor do they plan to!

    Take care,

  • slpknuts

    brian first of all you dont know what your talkin about, att does plan on having 4g next year!, sprint offers 4 G in a versy limited area. so unless you are in atlanta… good luck with 4G. iphone 3G and also #GS offer wifi jsutton so that isnt anything new there with the ipohone 4, and as for NoelDickover, tethering your device takes alot more data than getting websites on your device, maybe you should look up the difference before making idiot comments

  • Randy

    I love the people who can't afford to get out of their contracts so they settle for an android device. I pitty people like Brian that are in denial. The android is on the bottom of the food chain. What a loser.

  • android

    "for bottom of the food chain" i'm enjoying the ability to tether at no additional charge using android phone. how is that "multi tasking" going. HAHAHA

  • Markus

    I still don't understand why U.S. mobile providers are able to maintain such ridiculously high prices. Back home in Europe I have a $40 flat rate that not only offers unlimited calls within Europe but also 3 GB data service on the iPhone, of course with Tethering at no cost.

  • nexus1

    Markus its called collusion.
    So 2.2 Android is just a bit faster than the I phone, with free tethering. So why would millions still buy the iphone4. must be that gyro, sure aint that call quality huh slpknut.

  • Rich

    @nexus1: "It's the user interface, stupid" Like it or not, the iPhone is so easy to use that there are numerous videos of 2 year olds using it. And getting a UI right is hard — Apple spends a lot of effort there. Are they perfect? Hell no. Are they more expensive? Hell yes. Is it a free choice anyone can make? Yep. There is no right answer. But for me, it's definitely the user interface. I did like my brother's Android though when I played with it.

  • bcssbvdsf

    They only buy apple products because it is such a big company and has so much hype, and false advertising. Like in that iPad ad. I will admit I think that the iPhone is awesome, except it is waaay over priced. Also you can do less with the iPhone without jailbreaking it. The only good iPhone is a jailbroken iPhone. The Androids can do a lot more stuff, better and for free. I think it's not all looks and hype, functionality and features should come into account. And not those bullshit features like the 'retinal' screen.

  • Bob Bumgardner

    Let me see if I have this right. I'm already paying for 2 GB data and if I purchase the "tether" I can connect it to my laptop but ATT will charge me another $20 a month just to access my data ?

  • sweetmilky seo

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