Dell Streak coming to US unlocked, for $500 at the end of July

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Dell Streak

On June 4 those of us in the US can finally buy the EVO 4G from Sprint, while those in the UK can buy the Dell Streak. The Streak has long been said to be coming to the US, with the latest statements from Dell before today being “late summer.” Now we finally have a release month, if not an exact day.

Today, at the D8 conference Dell announced that we’ll be seeing the 5-inch smartphone/tablet at the end of July. The Streak will come straight from Dell’s website for $500. Just like the iPhone, the Streak will be unlocked. So, unlike the UK version, US owners fo the Streak don’t have to use it as a phone, and just use it as a small WiFi tablet.

For those unaware, the Streak has a 5-inch screen with the same 800×480 resolution of the EVO 4G. It has 3G with 7.2 HSDPA, a 5MP camera with dual LED flash, a 1 GHz Snapdragon processor and 16 GB of internal memory.

Given the EVO 4G, the difference could be questionable. The jump from 4.3-inches to 5-inches could be a deal, but the pixel density is a bit lower. Dell is quick to point out that the Streak’s screen is double the size of most smartphone screens. It’s not the same as the size difference between the average smartphone and the iPad, but it is certainle easier to carry around than the iPad. It’s hard to say too much about how good a deal a $500 Streak is without having much to compare it too, but it’s nice to have even a small Android tablet.

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  • Roger

    dell streak… now complete with hdmi dock. woohoo