Hands On with the Pantech Pursuit -AT&T’s brand new touchscreen quick messaging phone

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Pantech Pursuit, quick messaging device from AT&T with touchscreen and slide out QWERTY

Announced this morning, the Pantech Pursuit will be on AT&T shelves starting June 6 and will cost $49.99 with contract. The Pursuit is Pantech’s first touchscreen device with a full slide out QWERTY keyboard. The device, like most quick messaging phones, is geared for quick texting and social media.

Pantech sent over the 3G Pursuit in Blue and it’s a good looking device. Pantech spent some time making this phone look good, from the textured no-slip back to the homescreen and rotating lock screens, it’s a very good looking piece of kit. The phone is also offered in green.

Using the phone is very intuitive. After dropping the SIM card in and using AT&T’s cloud-based contact sync for contacts, the device is easily navigated through. The menus are very clear and good looking. Everything you’d expect is here.

There are even somethings I didn’t expect. Things like Drawing Commander – a snazzy feature that can dial a contact or open an app simply by tracing a finger on the screen. Users can also set Shake to initiate an action. Some very neat customization can go on with this phone.

The keyboard received mixed quick look ratings. While I found the keys problematic – a very short click, not raised enough to get a good typing feel, and my fingers bumped into the phone’s top section when typing on the top row; the teen in my house found it easy to use. Go figure. I was impressed that touchscreen typing is available should you not want to slide the keyboard out.

The home screen itself is interesting. Like Android, users can swipe left or right to access shortcuts to their most popular apps – pretty neat. Likewise, when the keyboard slides open, a specific menu for texting, Facebook, and emails pop up as Pantech figures there is a reason you slide the keyboard out.

I wasn’t as impressed with the web browser and scrolling through contacts wasn’t as smooth as say on the iPhone. It wasn’t horrible but a lag was noticeable. Maybe it will improve in time.

A full review will be up early next week, so check it out as so far, I am overall impressed with the Pursuit.

Product Page: [AT&T]

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  • Chris Crombie

    I love this phone,my upgrade is in july and i was thinkin of gettin a pantech phone and i think this is th one…btw is this phone the same size as the xenon or smaller????