Save $25 on a Roku HD-XR from now until June 20th

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Savings are always nice, especially when you are talking $25 off of a product that is starting at $129.99. Anyway, those interested in taking advantage can hit the ‘shop’ link below and go ahead with the purchase of a Roku HD-XR Player. The player is priced at $129.99, however using this coupon code “ready2roku” during checkout will bring the price down to a much nicer looking $104.99. This offer is available from now and running through June 20th. Of course, the other Roku players are also available for $79.99 and $99.99 depending on the model, however the coupon will only work with the top of the line HD-XR. Still, that model does add goodies such as extended range Wireless-N as well as the optical audio output for sound and HDMI connector.

Shop [Roku] Via [Zatz Not Funny!] and [Hacking Netflix]

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  • john

    its nice to see some of the new stuff come in we are moving fast into space age