Alienware M11x adds Core i5 and i7, still starts under $1000

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Alienware M11x

The Alienware M11x is one of the best combinations of portability and power in a PC out there. At under $1000 with an 11-inch screen and specs capable of running some of the newest games it was impressive even when it packed a Core 2 Duo. Today Dell has upgraded the Alienware-branded netbook-sized gaming laptop.

The first big addition to the M11x is the upgrade to an Intel Core i5 CPU in the higher-sec standard build. The Core i5 can be replaced with a Core i7, adding $150 to the $949 standard Core i5. The new Intel Core build also include Nvidia Optimus graphics, providing easy switching between an Intel integrated graphics chip or the 1GB Nvidia GeForceGT 335M graphics. To fit the new chips, Dell had to remove the VGA port on the M11x, though it’s a worthwhile sacrifice since the laptop still has a HDMI port for video output.

The upgrade to the M11x makes it an interesting device for those who need a lot of power in an easily transported size. The price makes it even more attractive, though it obviously increases when upgraded. With the specs maxed out to a Core i7, 8GB of RAM, 256GD SSD, Gobi 3G radio, Bluetooth, an external DVD drive and Windows 7 Ultimate, the price comes to $2,393.99. That’s well above the $949, and gets into territory where it might just make sense to buy a larger laptop to have some extra screen with all the power.

Product [Dell] Via [Gizmodo]

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