Twitter hits 2 billion tweets a month

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Twitter reaches 2 billion tweets per month

Twitter continues it’s growth and is now hitting 2 billion tweets a month. It’s an impressive number no matter how you slice it. It works out to 741 tweets per second.

Back in December of 2009, Twitter was pushing 1 million tweets a month. In the past 6 months, Twitter has managed to double their volume thanks to developers use of their APIs for things like foursquare. Can Twitter keep this growth going?

These numbers are culled from Twitter usage, not the number of Twitter users. The data comes from Pingdom, and here is there methodology:

“Methodology: To be able to calculate the number of tweets per month, we tracked down a tweet from the first couple of minutes of each month. Using the sequence numbers of these tweets, we could then calculate the number of tweets for each month. Since finding old tweets is more or less impossible with Twitter’s own search engine, we used Google, then verified the tweet time stamp by looking at the tweet itself.”

Read: [Pingdom]

Image credit: Pingdom

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