Facebook’s “Like” feature being used by scammers

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Facebook Facebook’s new like feature has already been taken advantage of by scammers who are using it to pump out like spam. Users who click like on their fake groups or sites such as “I am sad, please LIKE me to cheer me up” found themselves sent to portals with names like FBlike, Img-Mee, and LikePortal. These sites use Facebook’s like API for one reason only-to get people to click on ads. Some of them are misleading and trick people into signing up for expensive subscriptions. For example one ad pretends to be a quiz about iPads and at the end presents an “entry form” for a contest. One of the things it asks for is a cell phone number. Those who were foolish enough to hand it over got themselves signed up to a useless service called and charged anywhere from $7 to $20 a month. The scammers behind the site pocket a cool $10 affiliate fee for every person they trick into signing up.

If that wasn’t enough, scammers also user the the API to “clickjack” accounts. In that case clicking like sends the user to a malicious site that pushes malware to the their computer. Facebook hasn’t had any comment on either scam but it has been disabling the like button when it’s been reported to lead to a scammy site.

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  • Aakar

    Yeah !
    This type of likes is irritating me a lot. Everyone is liking such a nonsense pages. And surprisingly those likes are in K…
    Facebook should disabled such site for using 'like'

  • Lou Cifer

    A most excellent article, Sue.

    Umm…. Happy, get a grip. No one but you mentioned viruses, and then you proceed to wish death on the author of the column, and her mother?

    Call her misleading talk about viruses when the article isn't about them? Hypocrite.

    You are an idiot. Probably a clickjacker yourself.