Motorola shows Android update schedule for Droid, CLIQ and Backflip

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Motorola shows Android update schedule for Droid, CLIQ and Backflip

Over in the Motorola support forums, an update schedule for Motorola phones like the Droid, CLIQ and Backflip appeared with date ranges on when the update will be completed. The chart lists upgrades to Android 2.1 and shows a lot of “under evaluation” for many of the phones in overseas markets. For the US, the news is rather good.

The CLIQ (US) and CLIQ XT (US) are shown to get the upgrade to Android 2.1 in Q2 of this year, which is any time now. The Backflip (US) is pegged to get the upgrade in Q3. The Milestone (aka Droid in US) is rolling out in stages for Europe, Asia, Canada, and Latin America.

What’s interesting is the upgrades max out at Android 2.1. We expect to start seeing 2.2 devices roll out in the coming weeks which has to be frustrating to the developers working hard to get 2.1 on all these devices. According to Google, half of all Google Android phones are now running 2.1. That’s an impressive feat.

Read [Gizmodo] via [Mobile Crunch]

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  • NITRO!

    That's friggin' awesome! I almost bought a new phone event though my Cliq is only 8 months old! But the upgrade to 2.1 is very welcomed to say the least!

  • JG Mason

    hey Nitro, how is MOTOBLUR treating you? Are you a fan?

  • NITRO!

    I love the Motoblur! I am a fan! I'm just ecstatic that the OS is being updated…when I bought the Cliq (before the Droid was realeased), I had no idea that the OS was just Android 1.5…and then the Droid comes out with 2.0…Awww man was I disappointed but I'll be satisfied for a while now!

  • Daniel

    Hey, I got a motorola backflip with ATT and i want to upgrade it from 1.5 to 2.0+, which is best and how do I do it?

  • Nitro

    Hey Daniel,
    you have to wait until Motorola pushes the upgrade to either ATT or your phone (I think it will be pushed directly to our phone) and then follow the steps (if any) to complete the upgrade. We are all waiting on upgrade info. Hopefully they roll it out soon!