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Kobo Android App

Those with Android devices haven’t exactly had a ton of apps for reading ebooks aside from Aldiko. Amazon has promised an app soon, though hasn’t delivered it yet, and there’s no mention of anything from Barnes & Noble beyond “coming soon.” So it looks like we may have the first multiplatform ebook reader software coming to Android with Kobo.

Kobo recently gained attention as providing the premium ebook reader for Borders, though it also has apps now across major major smartphones. Today marks the release of it’s newest smartphone app for Android. The app works just the same as we’d expect for any ebook service. it connects to your Kobo account to sync all your ebooks to your device and all other devices. Kobo will also bookmark your place int eh Android app, or on any other device, so you can easily pick up wherever you left off reading. Unlike some other smartphone ebook readers, Kobo for Android actually has a built-in ebook store so you don’t have to open your browser just to buy another book.

While not gaining in mindshare, really, Kobo seems to be pushing really hard to be available in as many places as possible, and doing so faster than Amazon or Barnes & Noble. Launching what looks like a good Android app before Amazon even releases one is definitely a good step. Kobo even has an app for Palm’s WebOS, which neither of the other two seem to have even plans of doing. The ebook prices look to be about the same for Kobo and the other two, which certainly helps. Maybe Kobo can use this app as a way to offer yet another alternative to Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and even Apple’s iBookstore.

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  • thewinchester

    The problem with that photo Kobo are using to promote their Android app – it's a Symbian phone, specifically a Nokia 5233 (