CEA Line Shows: Monster announces 7.1 surround Tron headphones

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Monster Cab;e Tron headset

At the CEA Line Shows in New York City Monster took the stage to announce a ton of new products, the biggest announcement coming through a partnership with Disney. Monster has teamed with the media company to produce headphones inspired by Tron.

The new headphones are all black with Tron-esque blue highlights. Unlike most Monster headphones which focus on specific music genres, or for high-end clarity, these headphones seem more geared towards gamers. To help with this goal, the headphones will feature 7.1 surround sound, which is great for gaming, or just those who want to listen to music in surround sound. The headphones also feature an optional microphone, though it will also have ControlTalk should you not want to use it.

The headsets won’t be out until closer to the new film’s release, and likely will be fairly expensive. Given Monster’s previous headphones, however, they’ll likely produce some pretty good sound. Even so, the Tron design is intriguing, and could convince some people to get the headset over some others. These likely won’t be the only Tron-inspired headsets from Monster, or Tron inspired gadget period, as Disney seems intent on bringing Tron to many more products leading up to the release of Tron Legacy.

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