CEA Line Shows: Monster announces Clarity HD line

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When Monster holds a press conference, it doesn’t hold back with the announcements. At CES there was a ton on new product announcements, and the CEA Line Shows is no different. As part of those announcements Monster showed off it’s new Clarity HD line of headphones and speakers.

The first Clarity HD announcement were headphones that bear the same name. The Clarity HD In-Ear Headphones are earbuds that look similar in style to the Beats Solo or Diddy Beats. Rather than focusing on heavy bass for hip hop like the Diddy Beats, the Clarity HD earphones are intended to bring about the entire sound experience. Noel Lee, the “Head Monster,” claimed that the headphones would be great for classical music as an example. They focus on the whole EQ range rather than just highs and lows. They will be out within 3 months and retail for $229, which, considering what they promise, might not be too bad.

The other Clarity HD announcement comes in the form of the Clarity HD Precision Micro Bluetooth Speaker. As the name implies, they are simple Bluetooth speakers that come in a relatively small package. Demonstrated on stage streaming music from an iPad, the sound was loud enough to hear about 15-20 feet away in the second row, which was impressive. It sounded like it could easily fill a smaller room with sound. The speakers also work with cellphones, so you can use them as a Bluetooth speakerphone, and it has noise cancellation so the other party doesn’t hear everything going on in the room. If you don’t want to use A2DP sound over Bluetooth, or your device doesn’t support it, the speakers also have an audio port on the back. They will retail for $120 for both the standard black and white “iClarity HD” versions.

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