CEA Line Shows: Maxell debuts new ErgoMotion keyboard and mouse

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Maxell ErgoMotion Keyboard

Maxell isn’t exactly known for bringing about new, exciting gadgets. Usually the company is associated with CDs, DVDs and maybe its cheap headphones. Now Maxell is looking to make the brand known as the company with the newest style of ergonomics for keyboards and mice.

Today Maxell introduced it’s newest products: the ErgoMotion Keyboard and ErgoMotion Mouse. Maxell partnered with Smartfish Technologies to produce the peripherals, both of which are approved by the Hospital for Specialized Surgery.

The ErgoMotion Keyboard at first looks like a normal, bulky ergonomic keyboard. The difference between the ErgoMotion and others ergonomic keyboards is that the ErgoMotion moves. For casual users, the keyboard will move slowly to a different position every 20 emails or so, for heavy users, it’ll set to 50 emails. That’s fine, but for those who don’t measure the time in email the actual rate is determined by keystrokes, about 7,000 for casual and 18,000 for heavy users. The movement is slow, which is said to make it so that muscle memory can still keep track of the keyboard as it moves. Sounds like it could get slightly annoying for those who spend a lot of time writing longer pieces, and for those of us who don’t want it changing, it is possible to stop the keyboard at any point you’d find comfortable. The ErgoMotion Keyboard sells for $149.99.

The ErgoMotion mice, look like mice that are being display on a small pedestal. The idea is that the mouse can move freely in all directions as you use it, so it’s not always the same stiff thing. Maxell claims it allows for more natural movement, and it does come easily, but seems like it would have a bit of a learning curve. Maxell is making both and optical and laser version of the ErgoMotion mouse for $29.99 and $49.99, respectively. The Maxell representative at the CEA LineShows claimed that a popular gaming peripheral company will be making a similar mouse for those who want gamer-precision. Logic would say that company would be Razer, though that is merely speculation until there are some announcements.

Image from [CNet]

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