CEA Line Shows: Vizio expanding in all directions

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Vizio Ecosystem

The second press conference at the CEA LineShows was Vizio. Vizio’s big push is for its Internet-enable TVs, dubbed Vizio Internet Apps (VIA). A lot of what the company had to say dealt with how successful those TVs have been, with 70 percent of all VIA TVs being connected to the Internet, as opposed to the industry average of 10 percent of all Internet-enabled TVs being connected.In terms of announcements of VIA TVs, Vizio will soon be releasing 26-, 32-, and 37-inch models, all with built-in wireless-n, Bluetooth and remotes complete with slide-out QWERTY keyboards.

Aside from TVs, Vizio is expanding almost everywhere. They are already the number one seller of soundbars, and plan on bringing about smaller bars for 32-inch TVs, as well as 5.1 surround sound soundbars. To go along with the soundbars, the company has a line of Bluetooth headphones that will work with most VIA TVs (all except the 22-inch) and the 5.1 surround soundbar. To help make sure that those VIA TVs are getting wireless signal, Vizio will soon be rolling out the HD Router which will be a wireless-n router so users can get the best wireless connection possible. The company is also coming out with a mobile TV that will sport a 7-inch display with 800×480 resolution, and will recieve over-the-air broadcasts. There are also plans for a universal touchscreen remote, an Internet sound system, and an Internet-enabled clock radio.

To keep up with other TV companies, Vizio will be offering 3DTVs as well. There will be a shutter-glass 3DTV in Q4 that Vizio will sell for $1999 (though they were quick to point out local stores would probably sell it cheaper). It will be complete with VIA, and will feature a 10million:1 contrast ratio with LED backlight. Since shutter glasses typically cost a lot for consumers, Vizio is also looking at making a 3DTV that uses polarized lenses. It will be a 65-inch razor LED TV, with not much else announced yet. Vizio hopes to have it out by Q1 2011, so we’ll likely see it at CES next January. In terms of price on that unit, Vizio co-founder Ken Lowe said that Vizio doesn’t like to sell anything for much more than $3,000, which is a good sign.

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