Apple sells 3 million iPads since launch

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Apple iPad Some say the iPad is just a bigger iPhone/iPod Touch and is not necessary, while others claim it is a revolutionary product and is necessary in their daily lives. Whatever your personal opinion is on Apple’s latest product, there is no denying its unparalleled success in its first few months of existence. With great enthusiasm, Apple issued a press release proclaiming the mighty feat of 3 million iPads sold in the United States in its first 80 days of retail.

Since its launch, over 11,000 apps have been created specifically for the iPad and for its unique Multi Touch user interface. It is compatible with the 225,000 plus apps already in the App store and still works with the ones already purchased for your iPhone or iPod Touch. Apple is in the driver’s seat with the iPad, and if they can keep the device in stock while continuing to market it well, they should experience great success and even more sales over the summer months.

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