CEA Line Shows: Introducing Ooma’s Pure Voice free VOIP phone service

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ooma Ooma has introduced what they are calling a free VOIP service. It does require the purchase of the $250 Oomo Telo. You can use your own phone in it or purchase their $50 handset. The service itself is not technically free as you are still required to pay your areas taxes and fees, which they say average about $4 a month. The device is sleek and good looking and it does offer some handy features such as being able to pair your cell phone with it via Bluetooth so you can answer your calls on your home phone. The service includes enhanced 911, voicemail, caller ID and the ability to keep your home phone number-for a $40 fee. Calls within the U.S. are free, while International calls vary from 25 cents a minute (Pakistan) to 1.4 cents a minute (Canada). For $10 a month their Premier service offers a second line, three way calling, Google Voice compatibility, enhanced voicemail, call forwarding, and the aformentioned ability to pair your cell phone with the Ooma device. If you’re not happy with Vonage it might be worth looking into.

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