CEA Line Shows: Introducing CyberClean electronics cleaning compound

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CyberClean We all do it-eat while we’re on our computers, resulting in a grimy keyboard. The tiny spaces between the keys collect that debris along with all kinds of other drirt At best it’s just icky, at worst in can result in sticky keys and keyboard failures. Cleaning a keyboard however has always been a challenge. I’ve read cleaning advice that instructed the user to turn the keyboard over and tap it on the table. Not really a good idea for those of us with laptops. Some say to use a can of compressed air, but if not used properly it can cause serious damage. The makers of CyberClean believe they have a better way. At first glance it looks like a jar of the slime kids love to play with but this stuff is actually useful. To use just knead in your hands for a few seconds (unless you’re sweaty it won’t feel like slime) and then press it on your keyboard and lift. The special compound gets between the keys, clings to the keyboard and lifts up the dirt. Roll into a ball with the dirt inward and it can be used over and over. (A color change indicator on each package will let you know when it’s time to toss). It can also be used to clean the vents on your CPU, the heat and A/C vents in your car and more. I watched a demo and was impressed. Stay tuned for a full review coming soon.
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  • thewinchester

    I've been using this product for six months or so now, having picked up a case of four from a deal a day style site.

    It's bloody handy to have, and great for getting rid of crap from those nooks and crannies your fingernails can't get to.