CEA Line Shows: Comixology announces web version, DC comics

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Comixology DC Comics Back when the iPad first launched, the Marvel Comics app was a big deal for many people. The app was developed by Comixology and brought the already popular comics service onto the iPad, along with the company’s own app. Today Comixology is expanding past iOS devices.

Comixology has taken today as the launch of it’s web service, allowing users to read their comics on their computer or laptop as well as their iOS devices. That way, even those who don’t have an iOS device can take advantage of the comics provided by Comixology should they want to.

The company also had a potentially bigger announcement in the form of DC Comics. DC will have it’s own apps available, but will also be available through the Comixology app and the website. On the first day the store has over 100 DC comics available, two being day-and-date releases alongside their print counterparts. In the comics world that is fairly rare, as Marvel is only going to start experimenting with it next week.

So now, rather than being limited to the large selection of independent comic publishers and the likes of Spider-Man and the X-Men, users can finally read Green Lantern and Batman comics. That option should help make most comics fans happy, although there still isn’t a lot of day-and-date releases to speak of. Of course, Comixology isn’t looking to replace the print comics market, so that will probably a while away, but for now we can always hope.

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