CEA Line Shows: Etymotic announces affordable high-accuracy earphones

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Etymotic MC-5 When it comes to headphones, finding a good pair for less than a hundred or so can be really difficult. Let alone if you have tendencies to lean toward the audiophile side of things, where even then the headphones don’t usually perform all that well. Etymotic is hoping to help out those who want really accurate headphones without going over that $100 price point.

The earphone company has announced it’s newest earphones, the MC series. The series holds the MC-3, which includes three-button control for iOS devices and a microphone, and the MC-5 which is just a standard set of earphones. Etymotic says that the MC series is more accurate to how music sounds when it is produced thanks to it’s ACCU-Chamber Acoustic Control technology, which is extremely complicated to explain. Having listened to the MC-5 at the show, they are surprisingly accurate, and manage to equal out the highs and lows in music with the mid-range of the equalizer. The complete lack of bass booster that most other headphones seem to use is refreshing if you care about music being accurate and balanced the way the musicians wanted it.

The MC series runs at $99 for the MC-3, and $79 for the MC-5. At that price, they run up against Apple’s In-Ear Headphones, and Monster Jamz, both of which have heavier bass than the MC series. There are others in the same price category, as well, but not many that will have the same accuracy as the MC series. Of course, headphones without heavy bass aren’t for everyone, which could cause some problems for Etymotic.

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