Internet Explorer 9 runs circles around Google Chrome in HTML5 speed test

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Internet Explorer 9

In an ongoing browser war, Internet Explorer has long been considered unfit by the likes of Mozilla and Google. But in a new HTML5 speed test of the new IE 9 developer preview by Download Squad, the browser shows promise.

I believe that the video speaks for itself. Microsoft has managed to pack in a hardware accelerator that can not only beat Chrome, but make it look downright sluggish. I’m not going to jump to any conclusions, but with the new redesign, faster core, and more to come, Internet Explorer might become a browser to take Firefox and Chrome head-on. Especially if Steve Jobs gets his way and the web turns to HTML5 as a replacement for flash.

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  • Leslie

    I dunno why I'm such a loyal IE user. I just prefer it to Chrome and Firefox. But it does get annoying when there are sites I cannot open with IE but I can with Firefox. Well, let's hope they fix IE9 for the best.