Will Swype ever be on the iPhone?

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Swype on a phone If you own an Android phone, chances are you have heard of the Swype – the popular text input software. If you haven’t, it is basically a program that allows you to swipe your finger across a virtual keyboard in order to input the desired text. If I wanted to type the word “Gadgetell” I would have to make sure I swiped across every letter in the word Gadgetell. The software takes into consideration that you would hit other letters unintentionally. While this sounds like a great technology, 90% of Swype is used on Android phones, meaning other smartphones can’t really appreciate it. Some of the big name manufacturers that employ Swype include Motorola, Samsung, and HTC. Just yesterday, it was announced that Swype would be pre-loaded onto the Droid X, but the main question on most people’s minds is whether Swype will ever be used on the iPhone.

One of the Swype engineers has already developed a program for the iPhone “in his spare time.” Just imagine how good of a program he could make if he actually focused on it. It seems the technology is in place and it is definitely possible to develop a program that would run on the iOS, but would Apple allow it? Chief Executive Mike McSherry states:

“We would like to be on iPhone. It remains to be seen.”

Some iPhone users even carry an additional phone because typing on a touch screen phone is difficult after a while and they prefer Swype to the conventional method. It has already been proven that Swype is a faster and more accurate way to input text. It will be interesting to see whether Swype creates a fully functional app for the iPhone and whether Apple allows it.

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  • Rob

    ShapeWriter has been on the iOS for YEARS. Long before I ever heard of Swype.