Upgrading to iPhone 4? Here’s 4 things you probably didn’t think about

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Iphone 4 with ballistic case toughSo you’ve finally got a hold of the hottest phone: the iPhone 4. All the apps, multi-tasking, and shiny good looks are all yours – but you’re not done yet. Here are some tips on what you’ll need to get that might not have hit you at first. Rest assured, the gadget accessory market is at full steam to get you all the little things we didn’t think about. .

Protect it.

If 2 sides of glass don’t make you nervous, I don’t know what will. Word on the street is iPhone 5 will have screens derived from egg shells, so let’s be thankful this is just glass.. Apple can call this glass the toughest thing this side of a diamond, it will still scratch up. So what will you cover it with?

ballistic case offers best protection for iPhone 4 from a case
Our sister site Appletell did a great job of showing off some cases here and here. Personally, I hate cases. They seem a rude insult to the team of engineers who worked for months to make the gadget as small as it is. Thin, in my book, is in.

So, I tend to prefer protectors like those from ZAGG, the Invisible Shield. Using stuff originally designed to protect the leading edge of helicopter blades, these thin, clear sheets of plastic do a bang-up job of keeping scratches at bay. They don’t do anything for drop protection, but it does enough for me.

If that’s not enough for you, maybe you need something like this Ballistic Case, shown above. This thing is lined with both inner and outer shock protection layers. Talk about bulky, but if your line of work or level of clumsyness says your phone takes frequent swan dives, then this is your case. Check it out here. Otterbox also makes a winner of a tough case in the Defender for iPhone 4.

Back up protection

So maybe a ZAGG skin isn’t going to save my phone from a fall, but what about a back up? Can I keep my phone svelte but still not have to shell out major cash for a replacement? Yes, you can via companies like Squaretrade. They will sell you insurance for $99 that covers against “drops, spills and normal use failures for 2 years. There is a $50 deductible. It’s worth some thought.


We’ve covered cases but not power. What about battery cases that were so prevalent for the iPhone 3G/3GS. Will iPhone’s 4 battery power be enough? Or will the iPhone 4 fit into cases designed for 3G? The answer is not really. The angle of the connector seems to be all wrong. The new iPhone 4 seems to want to be angled butt-in to be able to slide onto the connector. Looks like you’ll need a new Mophie or Engergizer charging case.


Uncased, the iPhone 4 is shorter in length across than its predecessors. That means the car holder I have won’t fit the naked iPhone 4 – it slides right on through. Users with cases, probably won’t notice too big a difference.

These are some of the thing I’ve run into that I really didn’t give that much thought to before now. What else are you finding that needs changing? Let us know in the comments.

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