Motorola introduces Car Mount and Multimedia Station for Droid X

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Motorola Car Mount for Droid X

While the Droid X news is still hot, Motorola figured they would announce their accessories for the Droid X ahead of launch in case customers want to know what will be out there for the Droid X. On the Motorola Shop site, there are two accessories that will be available presumably when the phone launches on July 15. The accessories include the Car Mount for Droid X and the Multimedia Station for Droid X; prices for both accessories are not yet known.

The Car Mount automatically launches the dashboard app on the Droid X when connected, plays music through the car stereo, can access Internet Radio (such as Pandora), and Google Maps Navigation – all while keeping the phone charged. The Multimedia Station is a simple dock for your Droid X and allows you to display videos and photos on an HDTV assuming you have the necessary HDMI wire that isn’t included. In addition, it lets you play music and even display photos as a digital photo frame. The phone will charge while in the dock.

None of these accessories are must have by any means, but they will certainly make your Droid X experience a little bit better.

Check it out [Motorola Car Mount] and [Motorola Multimedia Station]

Motorola Multimedia Station for Droid X
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