Plastic Logic QUE pre-orders cancelled, delayed indefinitely

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Plastic Logic Que proReader

Plastic Logic originally planned on releasing the QUE proReader back in April. That date was pushed back to June 24, which was yesterday. Those who pre-ordered the device heard nothing about the device until an ominous email appeared in their inboxes regarding the fate of the ultra-thin ebook reader.

According to the email sent to those who pre-ordered the Plastic Logic QUE proReader, their pre-orders were cancelled because the company could not make the June 24 ship date. In the email, Plastic Logic said that it is “delaying the product a little bit longer,” and that the delay will result in a better product. However, the message failed to indicate another ship date. Perhaps the QUE will be ready soon, but Plastic Logic doesn’t want to commit to anything, which would be the positive side. Or, it could be that this is just the company’s way of letting the interest die down before ultimately canceling the product, which would be sad.

Hopefully Plastic Logic is taking this time to make the QUE proReader cheaper than the current $800. For just over that price you can get a 64 GB iPad 3G + WiFi, which can do more than the QUE. The QUE was interesting and dare I say exciting when we saw it back at CES, but that was before Apple announced the iPad. Now it will likely be compared to Apple’s tablet whether it has similar features or not. We can only hope that Plastic Logic somehow end up shipping the QUE for those who might want a tablet-sized device that they can use outdoors, or who don’t want to be distracted by everything else the iPad offers.

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