Samsung and US Cellular announce upcoming Galaxy S availability

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Last week US Cellular mentioned that they were planning to release the Android-powered Samsung Acclaim in July and a second Samsung Android smartphone in October. Well, it looks like that October release is going to be the Galaxy S. Yup, US Cellular seems to have joined the big four carriers here in the US and offered up a press release announcing a Samsung Galaxy S of their own. According to the details in the release, the handset will be available “in the fall.” That said, nothing was given in terms of a price. Otherwise, the other big question that remains is what they will release the phone as. After all, T-Mobile has the Vibrant, Verizon has the Fascinate, AT&T has the Captivate and Sprint has the Epic 4G. With that, the release may not be coming until the fall, but we would still expect to learn the price sometime before that.

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  • Barbara01

    Well I think that samsung is emerging as the new innovative mobile producer.It's galaxy empowered by android is giving good competition to iphone 4.But what do you think that between the two which is the better samsung epic or iphone 4?

    Waiting for your reply