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Shufflr is the socially-connected video content finder

Looking to quicken the transformation from broadcast-style video delivery to online video, Shufflr is a social video browser that leverages your profile and friends to bring you new content. Like TiVo and other software that “learns” what users like by your history, Shufflr uses algorithms to offer up customized content. The company recently completed a $3 million round of funding.

With over 36,000 hours of content being uploaded to the web every day, there’s no chance of staying current. Shufflr helps solve this issue by allowing users to share worthy videos, suggest videos based on your social circle and dig into your history to find common threads the software then uses to find content, catered to you. The software comes as a desktop app.

“With online video disrupting traditional ways of consuming video, Shufflr is a neat transition from broadcast style video delivery to personalized video on demand. You have a convenient lean back model where videos come to you but with all the interactive, social functionality of today’s web when you need it,” says Vinod Gopinath, CEO of Althea Systems, the makers of Shufflr.

Shufflr – A Social Video Browser from Shufflr on Vimeo.

Company page: [Shufflr]

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