McAfee puts security in the cloud

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McAfee announced today a cloud-based service for protecting users and providing robust reporting and protection against web-borne threats. McAfee is touting the software as a service, aimed at protecting both those behind a firewall as well as remote workers outside it. McAfee is pitching the service with 5 key benefits aimed at making this a must-have service.

McAfee sees these features as tops:

  • Comprehensive report – makes it easy to identify trends and assess threats
  • Simplified policy enforcement and controls – automatic enforcement reduces liability and improves employee productivity
  • Early protection – Cloud blocking of threats
  • Rapid deployment and scalability – deploy around the globe, to any number of users.
  • Remote protection – maintain a consistent level of security off-site and on-site.

From the press release:

Like McAfee appliances and virtual Web protection solutions, McAfee SaaS Web Protection provides the industry’s highest Web protection rates by leveraging the McAfee Global Threat Intelligence network. This network uses millions of threat sensors and more than 350 full-time security experts around the globe to provide customers with real-time – and even predictive – threat correlation and protection from malware, spam, trojans and other Internet-borne threats.

Read release: [BusinessWire]

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  • Barbara01

    Well Macafee anti virus is a revolution in the anti virus softwares.It's research & development department
    is excellent.But what do youthink which is better Macafee or Kaspersky?

    Waiting for your reply!!!