Hulu finally announces subscription service: Hulu Plus

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Hulu Plus

We’ve known it was coming eventually, and it’s finally arrived. Hulu has announced it’s upcoming Hulu Plus subscription service. The service will cost $10 a month, and will be an add-on to the service Hulu already supplies, effectively making Hulu a freemium service.

That $10 a month will net you streaming to devices including iPhones, iPads. Other platforms that will support the service include Samsung Internet-connected TVs or Blur-Ray players, with support for PlayStation 3 coming soon, Sony and Vizio TVs and Blu-Ray players coming in the fall and Xbox 360 support coming in 2011. In terms of content, Hulu Plus will offer 720p streaming for video. Some shows will have the “season ticket” option, meaning you will be able to watch all shows in the current season for popular shows like House and Glee. Hulu Plus will also offer full series run for some shows, both current and classic. That includes full runs of shows like Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Law & Order: SVU and Grey’s Anatomy.

The service launches sometime in July, and Hulu is currently taking email addresses for a “Hulu Plus Preview.” This is huge, and could potentially lead many to many canceling their cable subscriptions. All Hulu would be missing is sports, which, provided you have an ISP that supports it, you could find on ESPN 3 that’s coming to the Xbox 360 soon, or if you only want Baseball, there’s that can stream to a number of boxes including the PS3 and Boxee Box. With so many services available why pay so much money for cable when Hulu Plus in addition to services like Netflix would work just as well for less money?

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