Verizon: Droid Incredible not being phased out, allows customer to switch to Droid X

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HTC Droid Incredible Estimated Ship Date

Since the HTC Droid Eris recently got phased out, rumors were swirling around that the HTC Droid Incredible would be next to bite the dust, especially considering all the problems with screen shortages. Verizon confirmed to MobileBurn that the rumor claiming the Droid Incredible being phased out is simply a rumor. This comes as good news for those who have a Droid Incredible and those who plan on ordering one. Verizon also came out with another interesting statement, outlining what customers can do if they wish to switch from the Droid Incredible to the Motorola Droid X.

“The Droid Incredible by HTC, as you know, definitely lives up to its name and is a fantastic device. It has proven to be very, very popular with our customers. Should a customer who has ordered a Droid Incredible decide that the Droid X (or any other device) better meets his/her needs, he/she can take advantage of the Verizon Wireless Worry Free Guarantee and choose the Droid X when it goes on sale July 15. Customers cannot pre-order the Droid X with us.”

Basically, Verizon is not allowing pre-orders for the Motorola Droid X (only Best Buy is), but they will allow customers who pre-ordered the Droid Incredible to switch to the Droid X after July 15. Considering that the Droid Incredible still faces ridiculous delays, according to the Verizon website, the current estimated ship date for the Droid Incredible is July 28, customers may want to consider switching to the (hopefully) available Droid X. To recap, Verizon will not be phasing out the Droid Incredible, but are encouraging customers to switch to the Droid X after July 15 using the Worry Free Guarantee.

Via [UnwiredView]

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