Motorola delays upgrading the CLIQ & CLIQ XT to Android 2.1

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Motorola CLIQ

It looks like CLIQ and CLIQ XT users will be stuck with Android 1.5 for a little while longer. Android 2.1 was scheduled to be rolled out to CLIQ and CLIQ XT owners before the end of Q2, but according to Motorola, that will not happen. On the Motorola Support Forums, Matt, an employee at Motorola, says development is still ongoing to make Android 2.1 as good as possible. The full announcement is below:

For those asking for an update regarding a software upgrade on CLIQ in the U.S., we’ve made a decision to take more time on the release to optimize the experience in some key areas. We will continue to work to deliver it as soon as possible and apologize that we have been unable to provide an upgrade to these users in Q2 as planned.

We are working hard to provide an upgrade to Android 2.1 as soon as we can. Our consumers’ experience is our first priority and we will provide an upgrade when we can deliver the best possible user experience.

At least they haven’t completely scrapped the idea of updating the CLIQ and CLIQ XT to Android 2.1? Hopefully it will only be a few weeks until it is ready to go, as opposed to months.

Via [Motorola]

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