You’re 2 clicks from free WiFi at Starbucks

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Starbucks debuts free WiFi in all coffee stores in US and CanadaToday, Starbucks across the US and Canada are opening their WiFi up for all with the simplicity of two clicks. Previously the company required participation in their loyalty program or a purchase every two hours to gain WiFi access. The move comes one of the ways Starbucks is hoping to add to their store experience.

The WiFi access is both free and unlimited. The company has previously stated applications like Skype and even Apple’s own FaceTime will not be restricted. The store could become a road warriors favorite climb as they connect back with the office or family while picking up some hot java.

Thanks to Starbucks junkie Dave Zatz, here’s a picture of the log in screen:
Starbucks free unlimited WiFi requires two clicks according to Dave Zatz


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  • Marc Wes

    This is rubbish, Stgarbuck say one thing and do the total opposite….

    They said in their annoucement that they would support Skype calls… with the 2 click this removes the ability to used certain Skype phones…..

    So Starbucks like usual your full of BS!