Does Apple have a CDMA iPhone under wraps?

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Apple iPhone 4

Bloomberg’s report about Verizon launching the iPhone in January gave the optimistic crowd something to believe in and the pessimistic crowd newfound skepticism. The report may not exactly pan out in terms of timing, but Jim Dalrymple of, LoopInSight, believes there is some credibility to Bloomberg’s assertion as Apple has already created a CDMA version of the iPhone. As soon as Apple can strike a deal with Big Red they can start mass producing the already manufactured CDMA iPhone.

This is important because it means the hardware is already in place. Dalrymple puts it well:

Apple already has a Verizon compatible iPhone. It’s not that they have to rush around Apple HQ and start building the thing for a January launch with Verizon — it’s already there and being perfected all the time.

All that is preventing Verizon from launching the iPhone is a simple agreement between the two giant companies. Dalrymple believes Verizon and Apple have not agreed to anything yet, but are still in tense negotiations and leaking information to Bloomberg might have been a negotiating tactic.

It will be interesting to see what new information and rumors about Verizon launching the iPhone come out in the upcoming weeks and months.

Via [LoopInSight]

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  • Michael Lafferty

    I find this 'observation' by a pair of self-identified 'analysts' unconvincing. In more than 20 years of association with Apple, I've been privileged to see a small number of products that never saw the light of day: hundreds of others existed, which I never saw. The mere existence of a prototype indicates very little about it's eventual introduction, or the future incorporation of the technologies it supports in other products.

    Is a CDMA iPhone possible? Certainly. Does it exist as a part of a set of prototype iPhones. Very likely so, as do LTE and WiMAX 4G variants. But, does a CDMA/EvDO iPhone make much sense? Not to me, certainly. And, the closer we move toward widespread deployment of LTE and WiMAX, the less sense it makes.

    I understand the fervent hope of enthralled Verizon Wireless subscribers. But, it seems to make less sense that Verizon would be the next additional carrier prior to the widespread deployment of its LTE network. T-Mobile seems a more likely addition as another tier 1 GMS provider, and Sprint/Nextel the more likely platform for a CDMA device.

    Verizon and Apple have greatly varied, clashing corporate cultures, and entirely different approaches to their respective customers. Any fit would be difficult, if not impossible given the two largely characteristics they do share in common: a walled garden approach to mobile communications, and a driving demand for near total control of the user, and of the user interface. It's hard to imagine Verizon willing to compromise sufficiently to allow such a relationship to blossom, and Verizon has existing commitments to the Android, Blackberry, WebOS and Windows Phone OS platforms, and to manufacturers upon whom they depend for their non-smartphone mobile handsets. All of those platforms would take hits if the iPhone 'joined' the Verizon network, especially the smartphones.

    Given these factors, this again looks as if a sense of almost desperate hope has overcome common sense and rationale. Is there a possibility of a CDMA iPhone? Certainly. Does this idea make any more sense than it did six months, a year or even two years ago? I don't think so.

  • Natesh Sood

    Michael, you make some excellent points, but here is where I disagree. At the end of the day, business is business. People love the iPhone, very few people love AT&T. There have been some reports indicating Verizon would get a ton of upgrades to the iPhone (which means more data plans), and many new customers from AT&T and other carriers who want to experience the iPhone on a reliable network.

    It does hurt other smartphone sales as you pointed out, but it does give the Verizon customer more flexibility and choice when choosing a phone and I believe it will certainly help Verizon make more money.