Swerving Minivan? 50% of Moms admit to texting while driving

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50% of mom's texting while driving with kids in the car, er minivanAccording to a new survey from Bohan Advertising that surveyed nearly 600 moms, almost 50% admitted to texting while driving. Most anti-texting programs focus on teens, but clearly moms are a big part of the problem. The news was released today to hpefully affect moms choices while traveling over the holiday weekend.

“This survey clearly shows that moms are a serious part of the problem. Not only are they putting themselves and their families at risk, they are teaching their children a very deadly habit,” said CEO David Bohan.

The survey was conducted in late May on 585 moms over 18, have at least two children at home. Out of those with a texting plan, 49% admitted reading or responding to a message while driving with their kids in the car.

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