Google Voice desktop app video released, still does not mean its coming available

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As a Google Voice user I was pretty happy when I learned Google purchase Gizmo5, after all it sounded like it would mean that we would all see some desktop integration with Google Voice. Well, truth be told we did see some in the form of the Gizmo5 app. Then again, we have heard that a desktop app for Google Voice was in the works, even being tested internally — and then the bad news came — it was real but its not going to be released.

And now flash forward till today and we get to see some video of that desktop app in action. In the end, the software does/did what you would expect in that it would allow you to send and receive calls. Aside from that it did not look all that great, but then again its a Google app. Plus, it was an internal build so we can likely chalk it up to that.

In the end, I still would like to see this come available. But then again I have long since replaced my regular phone number with my Google Voice number so I have become dependent and want more. And with that, we can only hope that Google has a change of heart and releases this for the public. Either way though, its always nice to get a look at something that you would not normally see otherwise.

Via [TechCrunch]

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