Apple addresses reception issues, prepares update, but continues to ignore battery life issue

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iphone4 Apple has finally ended its silence on the iPhone 4 reception issues, and says it is working on an update to iOS4 to fix it. It blames a faulty algorithm, not hardware flaws for the issue, which causes reception to disappear when the phone is held a certain way. Apple also says that part of the problem is likely with AT&T’s poor network-indeed the algorithm causing the issue and the one that will be in the update were both created by AT&T.

Meanwhile, they continue to ignore the outcry about the poor battery life many, particularly iPod Touch owners, have been experiencing since they upgraded. They have firmly ignored both the flood of complaints in their own support forum and as well as complaints sent via their feedback system. Many owners have reported that when they called Apple or visited their local Apple store they were told their batteries needed to be replaced. Wake up Apple! Great battery life before update/extremely bad battery life after is not a battery issue it’s an OS issue!

Many theories about the cause of the issue have been floating around but the one that makes the most sense to me is that Apple was so focused on the much demanded multitasking feature that they ramped up work needing to be done by the processor and changed the WiFi to be constantly on and constantly searching for packets so that apps like Skype could function in the background. What they either stupidly didn’t consider, or perhaps didn’t care about, were the millions of second generation Pod Touch owners and iPhone 3G owners whose devices were not given the multitasking functionality (or even the simple ability to have homescreen wallpaper!!) , yet are still stuck with the always on WiFi and demands on the processor. Many workarounds have been suggested but they all involve turning off email, push notifications, or even WiFi itself, which makes many apps useless.

It’s inexcusable that Apple is ignoring this issue. Many seem to think they did this on purpose to force people to upgrade to newer devices. I think it’s more likely that users of their older devices just aren’t important to them. They are focused on those who buy the latest and greatest right away because that’s where the money is. I for one will not be spending another dime with Apple until they do the right thing and address this.

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