Twidroid bought by TweetUp, renamed to avoid lawsuit

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Chances are if you have an Android phone and use Twitter, you’ve at least tried out Twidroid. Many use it as their Twitter client of choice, both before and after the release of Twitter for Android. It looks as if the app will become even more popular, or at least more widely-known.

Twidroid has been acquired by TweetUp, and the name of the application to Twidroyd. The reason for the name change is to avoid any potential legal issues with Lucasfilms, which owns the Droid trademark (Verizon licensed the name for it’s smartphone line). It didn’t seem to be an issue before, but now that TweetUp owns the app there is always the possibility. There is an even greater chance given that Twidroyd will now be bundled with phones from “5 leading manufacturers.”

The interesting bit here is that TweetUp already had an agreement with Twidroyd to bring the service to the app. TweetUp has similar deals with Seesmic and Tweetdeck, two of the more popular desktop, web and mobile Twitter clients. How each of them fare in relation to the official Twitter apps isn’t exactly known, but this could pose another threat to Seesmic and Tweetdeck. Both apps companies were effected by the Twitter purchase of Tweetie, and the creation of the official Twitter for Android app, and now a service they each have deals with has bought its own app. Seems this could be a common trend among apps built for social networks.

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