Shields Up!: PDF Spam distributing vicious new virus

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spam A new spam campaign is using PDFs to spread a vicious virus. The virus, called Sality, has been around since 2003 but this is a new, highly complex and highly dangerous variant. The spam tries to trick the recipient into opening a PDF attachment claiming to be a copy of a friend’s phone bill. If opened it exploits a security flaw in Adobe and installs the virus. The virus is dangerous because it disables all anti-virus software, connects the computer to a botnet, infects every local, remotely networked and removable drive it can find, and alters the Windows registry so that it will infect every program set to run when the computer starts-and the damage this virus does to your files is NOT repairable. That’s right, if you get this virus, it causes *irreversible damage* to every file it infects. Sality is constantly evolving to detect and block attempts to defeat it and its botnet contains well over 100,000 computers. Make sure your anti-virus program is up to date and can detect zero-day threats and make sure to install any and all updates Adobe releases-and above all, be very very careful what you click on!

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