Motorola working on a low-end device in the WX445?

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Motorola WX445

According to images leaked to Engadget, it seems Motorola has a low-end device up its sleeve in the form of the WX445. I say low-end because the specs aren’t very impressive nor is the design, but it would be interesting to see Verizon offer a cheap Android smartphone.

The tipster claims it features a 2.5 – 3 inch touch screen, a flash-less camera (which is disappointing because flash is a standard commodity nowadays), runs Android 2.1, and a 1170mAh battery. Apparently it runs a form of MOTOBLUR, which makes it a likely candidate to be a cheaper or at least alternative to the Motorola Devour. In addition, the tipster says it’s overall “not a very impressive phone” and is cheaper looking than the Palm Pre Plus.

Motorola has some solid phones on Verizon in the form of the Devour, Droid, and Droid X. It would be a shame for Motorola to drop a crappy phone on Verizon even if it is affordable. I would like to see an inexpensive phone but with mid-range specs and sleek design.

Via [Engadget]

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