Mimo announces 10-inch USB monitor for $259.99

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Mimo iMo Monster Touch

For many of us, having two displays for a computer would be great, but can sometimes seem a bit superfluous. Sometimes all you need it just an extra small screen to hold a few things, like a Twitter client or IM, or Photoshop palettes. Sure, you could use an iPad, but there’s also those USB monitors from Mimo. Previously, however, the Mimo displays have been relatively small.

Mimo has announced it’s newest monitor, the iMo Monster Touch. The new display is aptly named, as it is about the size of a netbook display. It measures 10-inches and has a resolution of 1024×600. As the name also implies, the monitor is a touchscreen, and comes complete with a stylus. It has a stand to use it as a standard secondary monitor, or the stand can be folded in and the screen held as a tablet. The best part is, as with all other Mimo displays, the iMo Monster Touch is powered through a lone USB 2.0 connection, though it does come with an AC adapter presumably for computers with lower-than-standard USB power connections.

With a price of $260, the iMo Monster Touch looks to be a great deal. It would certainly make it easier to work while using a Twitter app like Tweetdeck or Seesmic, or watching a video. It’s fully compatible with both Windows and Macs, which is another good step, making it easy to move it between computers.

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