Users finally able to install third party Android apps on the Aria

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HTC Sync with HTC Aria

Being the sole US carrier of the iPhone, AT&T has little reason to put it’s full support behind Android like Verizon and the others. That much is obvious from the small selection of relatively weak Android phones offered from the carrier. Not only are the phones’ specs weak, but AT&T disables users from installing third-party apps (those not in the Android Market) onto their phones. Now it looks users of the newest AT&T Android phone, the Aria will be able to.

While most Android users rarely if ever have to connect their phones to their computers for much beyond rooting or media transfer, the Aria will require it for third-party apps. The method comes in the form of HTC Sync, a desktop application for Windows. The app comes with a function that allows apps to be installed straight to the phone simply by dragging and dropping the APK file. It may not be as elegant as simply checking a box and downloading the APK onto the phone to install, but it’s better than nothing.

HTC Sync also allows users to sync music, photos, contacts, bookmarks, calendars and documents, but there are a plethora of apps that can do that easily. The big news is that Aria users can finally get Swype, or any other apps they might want on their phone that aren’t in the Market.

Via [Engadget]

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