Microsoft: 74% of work computers still using Windows XP

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Sure, everyone wants the latest and greatest. And while I am not going to argue one way or the other for Windows 7, it is the latest — at least as far as Windows is concerned. That aside though, it seems that quite a few people and work places are still running old software and old hardware at this point. Shocking, people do not spend lots of money when they do not need to. Of course, that goes against what many tech bloggers think, say and do. But in reality — people use what works and more importantly what they can afford.

With that, according to Tammi Reller, who is the CVP of Microsoft Windows;

  • 74% of business computers are still running Windows XP.
  • The average age of a PC is currently 4.4 years old, which is the highest in about 10 years.

And while these stats are entirely realistic to believe, Microsoft appears to see it as a good thing. After all, that means 74% of people who can still upgrade to Windows 7. Plus plenty of people that soon may need to upgrade their computer — and in turn end up with Windows 7. With that, Steve Ballmer also made mention that Microsoft expects to sell 350 million licenses for Windows 7 this year.

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