Droid X and Droid 2 likely impossible to root

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It seems like once every new smartphone is out, or even before most people can get their hands on them, the hacking community starts rooting or jailbreaking them. For Android phones rooting the phones an installing a custom ROM is part of the appeal to many people. It let’s you get the great hardware of say an EVO 4G, but put the newest version of Android up there, or add whatever enhancement the community put into the OS version you choose.

Motorola doesn’t seem too happy about having their phones rooted by the community, and is looking to block that ability on the Droid X and Droid 2. To do this, Motorola is using a system called eFuse which will routinely check the bootloader, kernel and ROM on the phones and compare them to those that are coded in. If any of these elements are different, eFuse will corrupt the bootloader, and effectively brick the phone, rendering it useless. To get the phone back to a working order you’d have to talk to Verizon and hope that the company helps you fix the problem somehow.

If this does mean that the Droid X and Droid 2 cannot be rooted, it’s fairly depressing news. It likely won’t make much of a difference to most users, but it seems to go against the whole ideals of Android. Being able to change the experience as you see fit goes along with the open-source ideals of the platform. Without that, you have to rely on Motorola and Verizon to put out updates, and can’t do it yourself. There are bound to be some people who just want the chance to run stock Android 2.2 or even a Cyanogen ROM on the Droid X rather than Motorola’s 2.1 with Blur.

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  • bill4456

    learn what root is before you post an article. loading an unsigned rom and root are totally different things. no level of security can stop someone from gaining root access to a machine when they have physical access

  • barracudacm

    bill4456 you sound smart do u have any suggestions on how to root droid x and gain suaccess suggestions would be great :)

  • JD

    The Droid X Has been rooted. This, along with many similar articles, have been disproved by both Motorola and our hacker buddies. The phone will **NOT** brick itself. It will go into recovery mode, until an approved OS is installed, or until you root it properly.,news-7570.html