Google: Android Market boasts over 70,000 apps

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AndroLib predicted Android to boast over 100,000 apps sometime during the month of July and that the Market currently sits at close to 90,000 apps. However, Google is reporting slightly different numbers, and as much as I wish I could believe AndroLib’s numbers, I have to side with Google on this one. Google Senior VP of Product Management, Jonathan Rosenberg, speaking at Google’s Q2 earnings call, is reporting the Android Market currently contains slightly more than 70,000 apps. Therefore, barring developers go on steroids and produce massive amounts of apps, it is unlikely Android will break the 100,000 app mark this month. Keep in mind, on the Motorola Droid X announcement day, Google announced the Android Market contained 65,000 apps. However, with Google activating 160,000 Android phones a day and with all the new Android phone launches, I’m sure Android will reach the mark soon enough.

Via [AndroidCentral]

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