Graffiti for Android brings back the good ol’ days

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Graffiti for Android

Have you ever used one of the old PDA’s based on Palm’s OS where you had to draw out every letter in order to get the device to register it? Basically, you had to “write” each letter using the stylus, and for many, it was a frustrating experience. With modern QWERTY keyboards and Swype, it’s hard to imagine ever having to use the Graffiti style of text-entry again. However, Access reminded us of Graffiti today as they released Graffiti for Android in the Android Market. Believe it or not, the comments on the app seem to be very positive.

Right now, Graffiti for Android is version 1.02 and is available for free. For nostalgic reasons, I could see why people would like to use and try out Graffiti once again, but I can’t imagine Android smartphone users using it in place of their default QWERTY or Swype keyboard. But hey, maybe you’re a pro at Graffiti.

Via [Palm Info Center]

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