Listen to your iTunes collection on your TV thanks to MP3tunes and Roku

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Roku and MP3tunes

How cool would it be to listen to your entire iTunes music collection away from the computer? With MP3tunes and Roku, you can now listen to your entire music library from the comforts of your living room, or wherever your TV with a Roku set-top box is located. Roku and MP3tunes signed a deal today allowing Roku to launch a special MP3tunes channel that syncs with your Locker containing music.

If you already own a Roku device, then setting up your Locker filled with your iTunes music collection will be really easy. All Roku customers can take advantage of 10GB of free storage space in your personal Locker. Simply upload your database of music and you can begin streaming it from your TV that’s hooked up with Roku. After setting up your Locker account, you can install the free MP3tunes channel on your Roku device. In case you need more than 10GB of space, MP3tunes offers storage solutions all the way up to 200GB, except those Locker accounts will cost money. MP3tunes also works on any device that can access the Internet such as the iPhone, iPod Touch, and Android smartphones.

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