Rumor: 80% chance T-Mobile will sell the iPhone

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iPhone 4

We all know about the rumors claiming Verizon Wireless will sell the iPhone one day soon, but T-Mobile is hardly ever mentioned with the iPhone. Since it’s only the fourth largest carrier in the U.S., it makes more sense for Apple to launch the iPhone with Verizon, but “a highly placed source at the wireless company” is reporting T-Mobile has a strong chance of launching the iPhone in Q3.

How strong of a chance does T-Mobile have? Well, the source at T-Mobile requested to remain anonymous but he/she claims it is 80% likely to happen. I don’t know about you, but 80% sounds pretty darn solid to me, but I’ll be very surprised if this thing happens. Interestingly enough, Deutsche Telekom is the parent company of T-Mobile USA and sells the iPhone in Germany. Therefore, I’m sure Deutsche Telekom was able to persuade Apple a little to consider a launch with T-Mobile. One of the main questions associated with T-Mobile is the compatibility of the 3G network with the iPhone. Basically, T-Mobile’s 3G network uses 1700/2100 MHz bands, and while the iPhone 4 did add the 2100 band, none of the older iPhones would be able to use its 3G network.

Of course, if we hear any more information about the iPhone launching on T-Mobile, we’ll stay on top of it.

Via [Cult Of Mac]

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  • Seth Gottlieb

    This may be a reflection of ATT's influence over Apple. Verizon is ATT's greatest rival. T-Mobile coverage (across most of North America) is worse than ATT and so ATT probably does not see T-Mobile as a threat. Perhaps ATT is making concessions to keep the iPhone away from Verizon. Or maybe Steve just feels bad for trying to blame ATT for antenna-gate :)