Survey says Facebook sucks

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Facebook The 2010 American Customer Service Index is out. It surveys over 70,000 people to measure their satisfaction with a variety of businesses and websites. This year, Facebook came in almost dead last, with only MySpace fairing worse. That’s right, according to the survey people like the IRS site better than Facebook. The most common complaints involved the ever changing privacy policy, annoying ads, app notifications and interface changes. The site has tried to address some of these issues-for instance they no longer allow apps to send notifications and have introduced a new format for the gazillion wall posts many games generate that groups them all together with a link to expand and see the all if desired, but it’s clear its not enough.

“Facebook is the dominant social network,” Dan Olds, an analyst for The Gabriel Consulting Group, said. “The site definitely has been hurt by the turmoil surrounding their privacy policies but there really isn’t a strong alternative right now. So even though their customer satisfaction scores suck, users are going to continue to flock there because Facebook is where their friends are.”

I am an avid Facebook user and enjoy it. I, like many users am not happy with the privacy changes like being forced to display certain personal information in the directory, but overall I am satisfied with the site. How about you?

Of the 30 sites included in the survey, Wikipedia came out on top. Twitter was excluded because of the amount of users that access it through third party apps instead of the main site.

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    Facebook is nothing more than a covert Big Brother site to track people. People are willingly walking straight into it like sheep to the slaughter. Don't you think it's odd that this site CAME OUT OF NOWHERE and now all these major websites including entertainment sites are all linked to it and you can sign into their site using facebook?

  • Evil Regan

    I agree with you. Facebook totally sucks!
    Here is why I think facebook sucks (but not the only reason) because they took away one of the ONLY cool features that there was to customize your own page and make it look different. I am referring to the removal of the FBML & Extended Info Apps that use to work on the SIDE WALL. Now you can ONLY post lame stuff that is ONLY FACEBOOK'S lame apps/boxes like the 'photos' 'video' 'events' that EVERYONE has.
    At least with the FBML you were able to put up cool images and banners on the side wall.
    It took a while to figure out what would work on the side wall and what wouldn't, and guess what, now all that time was wasted for nothing since it was all taken away.
    Now, facebook absolutely sucks more than it did before…if that is possible.

  • erik d

    Facebooks site editor and module manager is garbage.

    Facebook does not let you customize the top bars or text on "your" profile.

    Facebook uses animated ads to draw attention away from the videos, pictures, music and slideshows of the bands and people who are trying to market themselves to an audience.

    It appears that they are just trying to harvest as much personal information from people as possible, so they can sell more distracting, targeted, animated ads to bombard you and your viewers with.

    So, fuck Facebook.

    And fuck Myspace for trying to copy facebook.

    The old MySpace 1.0 was the best, because all it had were static, unobtrusive banner ads at the top of the page.

    That was a fair tradeoff for having people and bands come onto their site and draw in viewers through their own free and laborious web design work.

    The question is, what site or sites allow you to build a site without saturating "your" page with moving, distracting, animated ads?

    Even Bebo does this crap now.

    Any suggestions anyone?

    If so, feel free to contact me at

    Let's unify and fight back.

  • SolutionWizard

    I feel your pain, and a lot of other people do too. It is amazing how popular facebook is, given that their customer service is horrible, and their website is so difficult to use, cluttered, and anything but user friendly. I found an awesome website called which publishes facebook related polls relating to all the common problems and experiences that us users experience on the facebook site. I think the idea is that if enough of us make a statement to the folks that run facebook, by voting in the polls, perhaps they will do something about it, and make both their site and policies more user friendly.