Microsoft confirms Windows Phone 7 launch partners, will include Asus, Dell, HTC, LG & Samsung

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The holiday season is going to be here before we know it, and for phone geeks, that means we have the launch of Windows Phone 7 to look forward to. Sadly though, while we have been seeing a fair amount of Phone 7 related news lately, we are still missing quite a bit. Most notably — a solid release date.

That said, Microsoft has recently confirmed a list of hardware partners that we can expect to see devices from. The list contains five companies in total and while there is not one that is overly surprising to see, it does still give us something to dream about.

So without further adeiu — the list contains Asus, Dell, LG, HTC and Samsung. All of which are said to have something in the works and will have it rolled out for the launch later in the year. So in theory, we should be seeing at least five Windows Phone 7 devices hit the market before years end. Though, its still a bit early and things can change. Of course, it almost goes without saying, but if anything changes lets hope its to add to the list as opposed to remove from the list.

Either way though, its looking good so far.

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