Google introduces “direct access numbers” for Google Voice

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Google Voice app

In order to make calls connect faster when using Google Voice, Google is updating the Google Voice app with something it likes to call “direct access numbers.” Designed for use on Android and BlackBerry devices, direct access numbers basically assigns your contacts with a special, unique number. In the past, every call made through Google Voice would have to be placed through Google servers first before being connected with the person who you’re trying to call. However, with direct access numbers, each contact has a unique number meaning the device can bypass accessing Google servers for every call placed.

Simply navigate to the Android Market and update your already existing Google Voice app, or download the Google Voice app. If you are interested in using Google Voice on your BlackBerry smartphone, you will need to navigate to first and download the app. Just as a reminder, Google Voice is available for anyone in the United States, but isn’t available in other countries just yet.

Via [Google Voice Blog]

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  • AgentScribe

    I use the BB app on AT&T, and I use my current GV access number on my A-List to make it a free call. Will this new feature, direct dial numbers, eliminate this "free" calling feature?

  • Hmm

    Umm.. Can someone tell me what's the point of Google voice app if you your mobile device MUST dial and connect to a long distance telephone number? Sure, if you are lucky enough to have a MY FAV number anywhere in the country from your cellular provider, that could work, but for most of us, we dont.

    Wouldn't it be better if Google had one toll free number or even a local access number in each major city that you could call and then make a connecting call to the number of your choice?