Google Nexus One running Android 3.0 in the wild?

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Google Nexus One running Android 3.0

An interesting image has been leaked to Phandroid showing a Google Nexus One device proudly running Android 3.0. While most phones aren’t even equipped with Android 2.2, is it possible we’re already hearing reports of Nexus Ones in the wild running Android 3.0, aka Gingerbread? Most likely, this is not the case because there are several suspicious factors involving the image. If you take a look at the Nexus One image above, you’ll notice the person is covering the top area of the phone including the notification bar as well as the bottom portion of the phone. In addition, it is possible to change the Firmware Version, but I doubt it’s an easy process. Of course, there is always the distinct possibility of this being a Photoshop hoax.

However, it is worth noting Linpack for Android, a benchmark software, has picked up phones using Android 3.0, 3.0.1, and 3.2. It’s possible the benchmark data was also faked, but that would be harder to prove. The only people with access to Android 3.0 at this point should be Google Engineers who are working with Gingerbread, and I doubt any one of them would take a picture and leak it to the Internet. Until we hear more reports of Nexus Ones running Android 3.0, it’s going to be hard to believe this story.

Via [Phandroid]

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